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News Round-up

As we know, Mark's on tour and his book is just coming out so he's all over the local media.

Here he is in the Liverpool Echo, talking about his connection with the city:

“The first place I saw An Officer And A Gentleman was in Liverpool and I love An Officer And A Gentleman, and I love Richard Gere,” he admits. “Sorry, but there you go! I remember going to see the film and then walking around Liverpool thinking I was Richard Gere.”

In The Big Issue:

"My teenage years were in the ‘70s, and if you were a film fan then you couldn’t access films like you can now – you had to work hard to find out who films were directed by and then how you might see other films by that director. So I spent most of my time scanning local cinema listings and going to see anything I could get into."

The Scotsman:

""Movie history is incredibly important, and one of the things I always try to do with my reviews is to contextualise stuff and put it in a historical context. It's something I get criticised for doing too much. As far as reviewing is concerned, context is everything, but as far as this book was concerned, it was strictly autobiographical. "

And a real curio: A video piece with Michelle McManus (ex-Pop Idol now STV presenter). in which he admits, "Sandra Bullock made me cry"

Finally a review of the book from The Irish Times:

"Arriving with a cover featuring the good doctor sandwiched between a chainsaw and (please try harder) a bucket of popcorn, It’s Only a Movie proves to be an amusing but lightweight compilation of memorable incidents from the author’s brilliant career."
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