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As regular listeners know the term "Wittertainment" made it to Wikipedia - briefly - before it was censured (by ill tempered rednecks no doubt ;-) – It is still in Googles cache, but to preserve it, if not for posterity then a little longer, here it is again:

Wittertainment is a term inspired by the ‘Good Doctor’ Mark Kermode's film reviews on Simon Mayo's BBC Radio Five Live show.

Suggested usage: “Wittertainment at its most wittertaining”
In a nutshell, Kermode, the barrel-chested, former queen(‘s guardsman), is provoked into ranting by the urbane and erudite, Mayo, a perfect foil for the discontemparily-coiffed, Kermode.
The ensuing witter is surprisingly entertaining. Kermode is undoubtedly a man of many words, a small few of which he, unfortunately, uses very often. These include, but are not limited to: mephitic, bespeaks, & tertiary syphilis.
His perpetual name-dropping embodies cringe-inducing desperation at its most desperate - extending as it does to even the extended families of the quite marginally-famous - Ken Russell’s wife and Guillermo del Toro’s 10-year old son are as likely to be name-checked as Leonardo di Caprio.
However, for dedicated pod-casters Kermode and Mayo cause time to pass unnoticed, a not inconsiderable but much appreciated feat while driving in contemporary urban Ireland.
This page was read out by Simon Mayo on said programme on February 2, 2007.

I would add that I don’t think its “inspired by”, it was invented by Mark (possibly with the assistance of Simon) . I would also maintain that its a neologism which has a place and a use – look at most of the chat show? Same guests going around, presumably people tune in for the best Wittertainment, pick the show with the best host. I know that I choose different entertainment inputs based on Wittertainment factor ;)

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