Small talk makes me sick (cadeira) wrote in kermodeans,
Small talk makes me sick

Robert Downey

Dear Kermodeans,

since I have been on a Robert Downey Jr. fan spree I was wondering if anyone of you has files of the reviews in which the good doctor talks about films with RDJ in them. I wanted to listen to them again but haven't kept all of them.
I'll list the films I can remember talking him about/or the ones I would be interested to know if there exists a review:
- Iron Man
- Sherlock Holmes
- Fur
- The Shaggy Dog
- The Soloist
- Tropic Thunder
- Zodiac
- A Scanner Darkly
- Lucky You
- Charlie Bartlett
- A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints
- Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
- Godd Night and Good Luck
- Gothika (that one is 2003, the show didn't exist then, did it?)

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btw. is anyone going to be at the Dodge Brother event at the BFI? If so I would be interested to hear how it was.

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has at least a years worth, though i haven't updated it for a few weeks.

I expect Sherlock Holmes and The Soloist are in there somewhere, but it doesn't say them in the titles sorry. If you put them into Itunes they should still retain the descriptions of what's in them. i hope.

Tropic Thunder might be in there too...
Oh Marion, this page gives me the Microsoft cooties.
I hoped some one would know in which files he talks about these films. Can I batch download the files on that site?
sorry ^^

I think so?
oh, the Creation file has the Soloist review.

ooh you can watch the sherlock holmes review on here, but it might not work outside the UK
Well, I'll snuggle myself into a nice UK IP then and will have a look. Thank you a lot!
I've just noticed it works over here :-)
I watched the Soloist yesterday and enjoyed it a lot, so there's a point to start.
oh good, cos that site has lots of reviews on it going back about 2 years i think. It has Tropic Thunder too.
Well, you can look up the movies on imdb - there you can see when they opened in the UK - usually they talk about the new movies in the same week they premiered.
I don't think he reviewed The Shaggy Dog, I'm sure he reviewed A Scanner Darkly but I cannot find hit review for it on my computer. As for Gothika, he must have reviewed that before the podcasts started (podcasts: March 05, show: spring 01) but I haven't ever found anyone with cassette recordings of old shows. Ill try uploading these for you if you want.
Oh my God, I don't think that I will be the only one here who would want to listen to recordings before the podcast. If your kind heart would wish to pursue such endeavor by all means please do so!
Here are those 11 RDJ podcasts that you wanted:
You are a darling and I thank you so much for putting in the work to assemble these. I suggest that you make a post in this community so other people can access them too should you want them to. Some of those aren't in the ONE torrent file out there that has some of the old episodes. Did you still have them on your hard drive? And I barely dare asking...are there more where these came from?

I'm awfully sorry that I did not thank you earlier for this but I am about to move and everything is a bit crazy over here. But I listened to them while painting the walls. So again, thank you!