Small talk makes me sick (cadeira) wrote in kermodeans,
Small talk makes me sick

Robert Downey

Dear Kermodeans,

since I have been on a Robert Downey Jr. fan spree I was wondering if anyone of you has files of the reviews in which the good doctor talks about films with RDJ in them. I wanted to listen to them again but haven't kept all of them.
I'll list the films I can remember talking him about/or the ones I would be interested to know if there exists a review:
- Iron Man
- Sherlock Holmes
- Fur
- The Shaggy Dog
- The Soloist
- Tropic Thunder
- Zodiac
- A Scanner Darkly
- Lucky You
- Charlie Bartlett
- A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints
- Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
- Godd Night and Good Luck
- Gothika (that one is 2003, the show didn't exist then, did it?)

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btw. is anyone going to be at the Dodge Brother event at the BFI? If so I would be interested to hear how it was.

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